Such an unusual yoga: beer, goats, and hip-hop


This article will be very different from others, and for a reason. Here we will see what bizarre forms the desire to be on the wave of trends takes. Beer, wine, wrestling, hip-hop, and with kids — all these are newfangled types of yoga. We can say that such classes will engage in short videos on social networks: people will at least be interested in how one goes with the other. But is there any real benefit from this — let’s figure it out.

Wine Yoga

This kind of yoga appeared when Colleen Sideman, who has been practicing Hatha yoga since 1987, participated in the California winery Estancia advertising campaign. Drinking wine in unusual poses seemed funny to the organizers and Colleen herself. We need to understand why to mix flies with cutlets, but this yoga has become widespread: dozens of yoga retreats with wine worldwide combine the depth of the first and the simplicity of hedonism of the second.

Let’s ask out loud: why does one not fit the other? We will not talk about the apparent effect of alcohol on the body. After all, there are defenders of a glass of red wine during lunch/dinner. But if a yogi strives to become free from his ego and independently control his mind and spirit, then wine does the opposite. The head precisely, with a certain amount of alcohol, ceases to obey its owner, as, in fact, the body. Let’s put it this way: after diligent yoga classes, a student does NOT want to put himself in danger, go all out, and restore contact with those with whom they are consciously severed (with exes). But after all yoga, you may even want to. We believe (and very much hope) that wine yoga has a limit on the number of glasses drunk in class. One can only guess about the quality of the wine offered for the lesson.

Also, ethyl alcohol, which in alcohol, interferes with muscle recovery after exercise (reduces protein synthesis) and also prevents weight loss (ethanol is high in calories), and puffiness is a bonus to any alcoholic libations.

If someone decides to try the such activity, he should consult with his doctor, especially for hypertensive patients. This practice is not available to children and adolescents.

I wonder if there are asanas separately for red and white wine?)

Yoga hip hop

This particular direction hardly has one author, but such a trend, like hip-hop itself, appeared in the USA. If you watch the videos designated “hip-hop yoga,” you will notice that this is yoga flow (yoga dance) but with hip-hop music and soul directions. The latter can be meditative. The piece’s rhythm is not typical in classical yoga classes, but all the same movements and breathing. It is difficult to say what else this type of activity is similar to hip-hop, the desire of the author of the direction to come up with something new, different.


Yoga is a struggle, but with one’s ego, not with a partner. What does yoga have to do with fighting, I want to ask. Maintaining balance and proper alignment of strength, skill, and flexibility shouldBesides his basic training, it is pretty logical for a wrestler to do yoga. Being flexible and plastic is vital for an athlete, as well as for any other person. But since it is easy to damage muscles in this sport, the prepared body is much easier to tolerate twisting, stretching, squeezing, etc. Elasticity helps to reduce the risk of injury during a fight, even if it is a training one. Yoga helps a wrestler master stands and poses that would not be available without such classes. But again: yoga is separate, and wrestling is independent.

 unite such different types of activity so that everyone remains alive and well. But if yoga is at strengthening one’s health, then wrestling is a power sport where any wrestler can suffer. The athlete is aware of these risks.

Is it possible to combine yoga with wrestling? The videos on this topic are steam yoga, which combines Hatha and a variety of grapples from wrestling. The benefits of such an occupation are doubtful because an unprepared person can cause severe damage to the health of a partner, and putting a teacher in a pair is not enough for everyone. Another version of the video is a single power yoga, but with the prefix “struggle,” that’s all.

Beer Yoga

Since there are lovers of wine yoga, there will also be adherents of hop-malt because such drinks are a matter of taste. The essence remains the same, except that everything looks more refined since the student holds a heavy bottle instead of a fragile glass. Of course, you must be even more careful and unhurried not to drop the “inventory” on your foot.

There was such a direction at the Burning Man festival, which attracts guests worldwide. It’s an impressive sight where everyone shows their imagination at full power. It occurs in the Nevada desert, an artificial city with various activities and occupations in a few days. The guys who created it decided to combine yoga practices with a relaxing and fun drink. Most of all, the Germans liked the idea — famous lovers of intoxicating beverages who chose to introduce beer yoga in their cities.

Adherents of such an unusual type of occupation note that beer allows you to relax, stop clinging and feel all the possibilities of your body, helping beginners feel much calmer and more confident in groups. Another argument in defense of such yoga is considered a fun pastime.

It looks fascinating: open beer bottles as inventory. For example, in the Vrikshasana (tree pose), the uncorked container stands on the head, giving an additional incentive to the practitioner to keep balance. In Natarajasana (the carriage of the king of dances), one hand holds the bent leg behind the body, forming a ring, and the second stretch forward and upward. But in the version with beer, the second-hand has the bottle over his head — and in the same position, a sip. Judging by the photos on the Internet, any pose where one of the hands can freely reach the mouth is convenient for drinking. We did not find the beer dose for one such lesson, but we can assume we are talking about two bottles — one for each hand.

Someone can attend such an event for an exciting and fun pastime, but we cannot recommend attending it regularly. Cannot hide Habits harmful to health under the mask of ancient practices. Beer yoga is not available for children and teenagers.

Yoga with goats

And one more, no less (if not more) a strange kind of yoga than the previous ones — yoga with goats. Laney Morse, an American farmer breeds goats, practiced yoga on her property. There she came up with the idea to make yoga classes for everyone. We believe that the discovery of such a direction was as accidental as the invention of coffee — during one of the asanas, the goat jumped on the hostess’s back on its own. She had to hold the pose twice as hard and maintain balance, so the animal was comfortable standing on it. Morse decided it was funny and would appeal to others. And she was not mistaken: it turned out to be a good business, and the entry to her farm was closed several months in advance.

What does it look like in practice? The animal’s hooves on the slippery T-shirts move apart, the animal rearranges its legs so as not to fall, and the practitioner feels it as a massage. At this time, a person is trying to concentrate on keeping the pose and the animal on himself and not to laugh: you can’t argue. It’s impossible for the goats not to be touched.

But remember that one of the basic principles of yoga is nonviolence (ahimsa), neither over oneself nor anyone else. These kids should chew grass, run around the field, enjoy the sun, and not perform asanas. But the trend sellers promise fun and highly spiritual yoga, where goats have their touches. It is also apparent about hygiene: the animal leaves its waste products wherever it wants, so why not on a person’s back?

We understand that communication with nature in any of its manifestations helps to restore mental balance, and this is one of the ways to do it, but how does this affect the little goats who did not ask for this communication? After all, pets (cats and dogs) have the same therapeutic power of influence and can also “help” the owner do yoga at home.

It is unlikely to make profound progress in such a practice since the student will be constantly distracted, even if it will be a fun distraction.