Beginning a Yoga Practice


Do you need help with where to begin with, yoga? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Yoga can help you find a deep feeling of harmony within yourself and with the world around you. Yet, creating the ideal ambiance inside and outside is crucial before you begin. Here are five ideas to consider to get the most out of your yoga practice:

Ensure that your bowels and stomach are empty.

Yoga is a form of energy balancing that goes beyond simple physical activity. If you wish to shift your energies upward, as Sadhguru teaches, “Everything that is not the body should be out of the body.” Thus, be careful to practice yoga before eating—ideally, before breakfast—and after having a bowel movement. In the same spirit, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything while doing yoga.

Take a bath or shower.

As water contacts your body when bathing, your interiority, and your skin. As we want the body’s cellular structure to be charged with a distinct energy level when doing yoga, Sadhguru advises using chilly or tepid water since it “opens the pores between the skin cells.”

Dress comfortably in loose-fitting attire.

Yoga affects one’s energy system, as we saw. Clothing that fits loosely helps in this process. Sadhguru asserts: “You’ll discover that wearing tight-fitting clothing won’t feel comfortable once your energies expand. Of course, you would like a loose-fitting garment.”

Eat neem and turmeric before your yoga session.

“Neem and turmeric mixed with lukewarm, mild honey water are an excellent technique to cleanse and dilate the cellular structure so that it can absorb energy. The muscles become more flexible as you do sadhana because of the dilatation. The adaptability aids in gradually developing the system into a more potent option.” -Sadhguru.